What are the Differences Between a “Class A” and a “Class C” Motorhome?

Motorhomes, or motorized recreational vehicles (RVs), come in different classes. The two that are somewhat like each other and most often confused are the Class A and Class C motorhomes. The best way to tell the difference between a Class A and Class C motorhome is by their physical appearances. The class Abasically resembles a bus in design with a “flat” or vertical front end and large screen windows. A Class C motorhome is recognisable by having a “truck cab” with an over the cab bed area, much like a camper.

Another difference between a Class A and Class C motorhome is that Class A motorhomes come with quite a bit of luxury. There’s a kitchen, bathroom with shower and sometimes even a tub, and often a separate bedroom at the back. There’s heating and air conditioning, hot and cold running water, a dining area or living room with a sofa and recliners, cupboards, and an entertainment area. A lot of Class A motorhomes are more luxurious than most homes and that’s why many people like to hire them.

A Home from Home

A Class A and Class C motorhome can also differ in terms of the number of people that they can sleep. Depending on the model and floor plan, Class A RVs can comfortably sleep up to 8 people. If you’re interested in a Melbourne campervan hire, the range of reliable campervans is now bigger and better than ever.Class C motorhomes can come in luxurious models, or more economical models depending on how much you want to spend. Class C motorhomes are usually built on a cutaway chassis depending on the model. The cab is similar to a van, with sleeping space above, and a bedroom.

Like the Class A, Class C motorhomes have all the mod cons of home, including a kitchen, bathroom, dining area, heating, A/C, and some entertainment features.Because of the over the cab sleeping area, Class C motorhomes can sleep more than a comparable Class A motorhome, with up to 10 people. One of the coolest features of both the Class A and Class C motorhomes, is the simple to do slide-out. With a simple touch of a button the wall of the living room extends outwards to enlarge the living space.

So Many Choices

You may hear a Class B motorhome being referred to as a van conversion, which does describe it more accurately. The benefit of a Class B motorhome is in the handling, and size if you don’t require too much interior room. They are also easy to park in a regular parking space. These vehicles can be great for small families who are used to close quarters, or for couples who don’t have the funds for a large motorhome.

Now you know exactly what’s out there, you can now check them out and have a great holiday!

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