Travel Guide: Plan Your Vacation Exploring Cameron Highlands Malaysia

I would to show you around Malaysia at Cameron Highlands, stroll in the tea plantations, views of greenery and refreshing temperatures attract travellers from all over the country (and beyond) to the mountainous area on the edge of the far West Pahang State. Tourists can travel by bus to Cameron Highlands to reach beautiful places.

Traffic can be demonic Cameron Highlands at the weekend and major attractions up often turn into scrum, some travellers grumble about hiking trails spoiled and ‘green-wash’ some rogue tour operators. Despite these little numbers will complain, find plenty to enjoy in this fertile corner of Malaysia: walking is excellent and amazing animals and the occasional glimpse of serenity amid chaos group round.

Walk Around and Discover the Nature

Wonderful hiking trails through dense forest stretching from Tanah Rata, although signs of the trail can be improved. Seek advice locally, especially in weather conditions which might make it dangerous or impassable routes.

Always let your guest know your route and your time, don’t leave without water, maps and some layers. You can engange a guide from reputable Eco Cameron to hike through pristine section of the Mossy Forestor go to the best bird watching sites at Cameron. Trail 4 Parit Falls is one of the easier way and more popular routes if you want an independent hike. Only hard-core hikers in excellent fitness and trekking should attempt trail 1 (starting from the top and working down) and trail 8, but both return the effort with great views.

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Gourmandise – The Tea Garden

These hills are chilling, you’ll know that after visiting this place, you can get a cup of tea in the scenic BohSungeiPalas. If you want tea aficionados in the tea appreciation tour (09:00 am and 11:00 pm Tuesday-Friday); drink a cup of tea would be happy wandering in the display rooms and cuppa overlooking the hills. Cameron Bharat also is a good option to BREW with a view. Strawberries can be found at Raju’s garden; fresh drinks blended and set of themed cakes in abundance (if you pluck your Strawberry sounds like hard work).

Culture and History

Compared to the temples and museums in Kuala Lumpur or jewellerybox in Melaka from galleries, Cameron Highlands cannot be measured maybe. There is also some amazing attractions give authentic insight into Highland heritage. However, there are a few sights to give reform a culture; Sam Poh is well temple complex with huge sculptures tend Golden warrior within, while a Hindu temple made worthy excursions. As for museums, and “time tunnel” will give you an overview of the eccentric in the history of the region.

How Much Time to Spend

Cameron Highlands are doable on a weekend if you simply want the taste of strawberries and a cup of tea, half-day hikes. You can travel by bus to Cameron Highlands and hopping aboard the tour group helps whisk you around a few scenes. If you are planning to hike, stay for a few extra days, allowing time for winding paths chips through forests swarming with heights; outdoor enthusiasts will get a lot of mileage from establishing themselves in the guesthouse with hiking experience, like a father.


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