Enjoy Both Nature & the Beach in One Location at Ferry Beach State Park

The beach is one of the most tranquil and peaceful places. The sand on your toes and the salty air on your skin will remind you to enjoy the simpler things in life. There are many hidden treasures in Maine, and one of them is Ferry Beach State Park. It’s a secluded place nestled between Old Orchard Beach and Camp Ellis, but both nature and beach lovers can easily access it. It’s the perfect destination for family outings with kids having fun in this fantastic secluded beach oasis.

Maybe you are a nature lover who loves to go on a hike? Ferry Beach State Park has it too. Have fun walking through the stunning nature trails. Go on a bit of a walk and revel in the marvelous scenery around the park. It’s two kinds of beautiful places packed into one. You get to swim at the beach or take a deep breath while walking through the simple but extraordinary trails.

The Best Destination No Matter What Time of the Year

Ferry Beach State Park offers two kinds of nature trips, which makes it the perfect location you and your family can go to at any time of the year. During the summer, you can enjoy the beach. But if it’s too cold out, you can go for a walk in the park or the nature trails. It’s open from dusk to dawn, so you have the opportunity to watch out for both the sunrise and the sunset. The beach has all the features you may need, like changing rooms, a rinsing-off area, bathrooms, and picnic areas.

There is a nature center located at the trailhead. It is full of great information about the many native animals in the area. Your kids will have a blast spotting these native animals while learning a thing or two along the way. They also have guided nature programs. So you get to walk around the lush forested area. You will learn more about animals and topics that are native to Maine.

An All-Around Magnificent Place to Visit

All in all, Ferry Beach State Park has a lot to offer. This is an incredible place to visit in Maine. With the beach and nature combined, there’s so much to do here. The terrifyingly beautiful lush greenery and crystal blue water of the beach will keep you coming back for more. Enjoy the hiking trails that weave throughout the woods. Strikingly gorgeous and gives you a sense of mystery. There are private hideaways that you can explore to intentionally get lost for a short time.

Enjoy the sandy beach stretching for miles on end. Take your little ones with you or go for a short expedition with your friends at the many elegant trails. You don’t need to have an occasion as an excuse to celebrate the wonders of nature. It’s time for you to explore both worlds in one place right now at Ferry Beach State Park. Plan your next outing here and invite your close friends and family!

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