Do You Want to See the Sights in Perth?

If you want to take advantage of seeing all the sights and attractions that Perth has to offer, then you will want to hire a car for the adventure. Knowing which sights to see and planning your itinerary will make your trip both enjoyable and fun. The following sights are attractions that you will want to include in your journey.

The King’s Park and Botanic Garden

Showcasing lovely views of the Darling Range and Swan River, the Kings Park and Botanic Garden is considered a peaceful oasis in the heart of Perth. Almost two-thirds of the 1,000-acre park is made up of natural bush that harbours a diversity of birds and native greenery.

Dedicated to conservation, the botanic garden features plants from Western Australian as well as California and South Africa. Three of the major highlights of the botanic attraction are the acacia garden, a water garden that replicates the Darling Range creek, and the serene Place of Reflection.

The park and botanic garden are open year-round and the admission is free. Therefore, this is the ideal starting point if you are familiarising yourself with Perth and its surroundings.

The Swan River

The Swan River is a part of Aborigine legend. Local peoples believe that a rainbow serpent, Waugal, created the meandering river. However, for any Perth residents or tourists visiting the stream, the river is the ideal setting for outdoor picnics or fun. Visitors can enjoy a repast in riverside parks or hike or bike along the adjacent trails. They can choose to cast a fishing line, kayak, or swim as well.

If you want to see some of the beautiful suburban homes along the riverfront, get on board a river cruise between Perth and Fremantle. You may also want to cruise upriver to the Swan Valley, which is Western Australia’s oldest grape-growing area.

Or, rent a car in Perth and head up to the valley instead. That way, you can spend more time in the area’s acclaimed restaurants. Should you plan a ferry ride, you can catch a boat at the Barrack Square Jetty.

Perth’s Beaches

Anyone who loves the sun can select from a number of beautiful shores in and around the city of Perth. For example, less than a 15-minute excursion from the city centre is Cottlesloe, a pine-fringed strand that features a thriving café culture. Other favourite shores include Port Beach and City Beach. City Beach is noted for its children’s playground area and number of picnic nooks.

Sheltered shores come in the form of Hillary’s Boat Harbour, Point Water, and Rockingham Beach. Also, Trigg Point is one of the city’s best and most dependable surf breaks. Scarborough is yet another top pick for riding the waves. If you like snorkelling, then you want to go further afield and visit the shores of Penguin Island or Rottnest Isle.

The Perth Zoo

Whilst in Perth, make sure you visit the zoo as well. It is located approximately 3 km from the city centre. The menagerie has been delighting lovers of animals since way back in 1898. Add it to your city adventure: it is open each day from 9 am to 5 pm. Admission is free for children under 4 years of age.

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