Planning a Vacation to Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the best vacation locations on Earth but it’s underrated. Why is this? People often forget that as a member of the South Pacific, Malaysia is home to beautiful warm tropical weather while still being a big part of Southeast Asia where the culture is unique and exciting. If you’re planning on visiting Malaysia, you’ve made a smart decision. Malaysia is affordable, fun, comfortable, and safe for guests of all ages. There’s more than enough to do and there’s always a good time to be had.

But when planning a trip to Malaysia, you still need to figure out all of the important details such as your lodging, travel methods, what clothing to wear, which sights to see, and where to eat.

Get Your Lodging in Order

Did you know that Malaysia is home to some of the finest resorts in the world? Themed uniquely, these luxury resorts come with all kinds of great things to check out such as swimming pools, restaurants, spas, and great service, all for an affordable price. For example, you can indulge yourself in this luxury water villa in Malaysia for an extremely affordable price and experience your own private pool if you want to.

Malaysia has plenty of lodging options so if you’re not sure where to go, do some online research. You can check out reviews and testimonials from previous guests, you can compare rates online, and you can even look at pictures of the resorts that you’re considering staying at.

Pick Out Some Sights to See

There’s plenty of sights to see in Malaysia so you should start planning your daytime tourist activities as soon as possible. Keep in mind that Malaysia has a wonderful metropolitan experience to offer where you can see the capital of Kuala Lumpur and the Petronas Towers. Or, if you prefer nature, there are plenty of nature hikes and trails to explore in the rainforest.

Plan Your Travelling Methods

There are plenty of taxis in Malaysia but you might be interested in some alternative ways to travel. For instance, you can rent some bicycles or mopeds if you’d like or even walk around the city if you want the fresh air and the exercise. Alternatively, you could even hire your own car so that you can explore any part of the country whenever you want.

Pack the Right Clothes

Malaysia is located near the equator, which means that it gets a tropical rainforest climate year round. The average temperature is around 28°C all year, which means that you’re going to want to bring light clothing to wear while walking around during the day. Because Malaysia is humid, you should pack a few extra pairs of socks and at least a couple pairs of short pants to wear.

If it gets too hot, all you need to do is jump in your hotel’s swimming pool. You should also be sure to bring a water bottle that you can fill up as the warmth can dehydrate you more quickly than you might think.


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