Solving the Case of Where to Go in Jakarta at Night

After deciding to visit the city, Indonesia, the next thing to come to your mind would be where to go in jakarta. And that, by the way, is a valid issue to resolve. Jakarta is loaded with tons of tourism spots and attractions, which makes it hard for you to decide on this. You will need a guidance so as to avoid yourself from getting lost within the concrete jungle. It is easy to find out everything about Jakarta’s daytime tourism. You can go online, do a little research, and end up with a bunch of more than enough information regarding this subject. There is an extensive collection of sources everywhere—not just online—that will help you get to varieties of daytime tourism spots. But that is not so much for nighttime tourism. This aspect of Jakarta’s tourism industry has not received as much attention.

The matter of where to go in jakarta at night is actually not at all that hard to figure out. But of course, the options are severely limited as opposed to at the day. Regular tourism spots are closed for visitors during nighttime. That does not mean that Jakarta lacks interesting things for you to enjoy at night. Below is a list of places you can drop by when the sun sets in Jakarta:

where to go in jakarta

  1. Street food

Especially in the case of tourism in Jakarta, nighttime is the moment when street-vendors open for business and offer their food for the tourists to buy. In fact, the government rules that these street-food vendors are only to open at night so daytime pedestrians will not be disturbed by their activities.

ManggaBesar Street is the best place to try some of the best Chinese food the city has to offer. Culinary of extreme nature such as cobra- or monkey-based dishes are served here in this area. Central Jakarta’s Sabang Street and Wahid Hasyim Street have menus of less extreme nature plus you can find restaurants that open for 24/7.

  1. Rooftop drinks

Holding the status of 9th city in the world with most skyscrapers, Jakarta is a perfect place to enjoy some refreshment while taking in the urban landscape. When darkness falls, the city’s bad sides are obscured so you can forget about the dust, the rust, and the potholes that are glaringly obvious during the day.

Cloud and Skye are the best instances of bars from where you can enjoy looking at the city pulsating down below. Grand Hyatt’s Burgundy Bar is another recommended spot even if it is technically not a rooftop.

  1. Cinemas

Entrance ticket for cinemas in Jakarta costs at least half the price in Europe. CGV-Blitz chain operates up until 10pm in weekdays and until midnight on weekends.

The question of “where to go in jakartaselatan” is another thing that you need to find the answer to. Jakarta Selatan (or South Jakarta) is an enclave for the middle-upper class. It also happens to be Jakarta’s business center. As such, it won’t be hard for you to find shopping centers and malls in this area.

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