The benefits of body massages

Are you sure you know the real and precious benefits of body massages ? Do you know why they are so useful for your psycho-physical well-being? Read this post and you will discover a lot of valuable information 인천출장안마.

Appreciated since ancient times, massages have beneficial effects for the body that we often ignore or underestimate. They are a real panacea for our psycho-physical well-being , whatever our age. If practiced with professionalism, using your hands wisely, using the right techniques and the right products, body massages are much more than a precious and magical pampering. What are the benefits of massages ? Let’s discover them together and you will understand how you will no longer be able to do without them!

The benefits of body massages

Massages for the body have many important beneficial effects: they have a positive effect on the connective tissue (i.e. skin, dermis and hypodermis), on the muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and lymphatic systems, on stress and on mood. Let’s analyze them one at a time.

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# 1. Massages cleanse the skin deeply

Massages purify the skin, making it more elastic, healthy and radiant . The action of the massages, in fact, cleanses the skin of dead cells and toxins; regulates secretion by stimulating the sebaceous and sweat glands; stimulates the pores, which will be able to absorb more deeply the nutrients with which the skin will be treated; makes the connective tissues more elastic and stretches the skin.

#2. Massages release muscle tension

By acting on contractures and relaxing the nerves, massages ease muscle tension , the place where stress and all the emotions we feel lurk. These are held by the muscles, which become tense and contracted. Thanks to massages, the body stretches and relaxes, muscle pain is relieved and movements become looser and more elastic. Massages free the body from emotional and energetic tensions, helping it to regain its precious harmony. Do not forget that the skin is directly connected to the mind: massage the skin and also massage your thoughts, favoring your general psycho-physical well-being.

# 3. Massages have a positive effect on physical pain from fatigue

Do you have a body so tired that it has become stiff and contracted? Massages have a useful relaxing effect, acting positively on the physical pain that chronic fatigue can cause. By performing the appropriate maneuvers and acting on the right points, massages are able to relax the body, a privilege that is often unknown and much desired today.

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